[AR Standards Discussion] Phones with video input/output for AR pruposes (Christine Perey)

Yohan Baillot admin at simulation3d.biz
Thu Feb 3 12:24:55 EST 2011

Yes, Widi and WHDI are the solution to no latency, but are one way I 
believe right now. Yes, there is a need for a standard before developers 
get to implement for too many glasses, hence our position paper


On 2/2/11 4:45 AM, Paul Travers wrote:
> Yohan and Christine,
> It is not just a connection issue.  Frame rate is going to be key.  If 
> it takes too long to pack and send over a slow bus and the frames 
> rates are less than 30 hertz (60 ideally) the experience for a 
> wearable display is not very useable.  Once in the phone the video 
> again needs decoding (also slow without hardware).  When virtual 
> objects are sliding around in the real world the user satisfaction is 
> just not there.
> Also not having a standard for I/O makes for poor user take-up.  Many 
> products fail because of simple connectivity.  A wireless solution 
> like WiDi appears to be one way at the moment and I think requires 
> 802.11n, which would allow for the Video Eyewear to be a sink but not 
> a source.
> It would be great to see a standard here. Something that at the moment 
> seems tough as most handset Mfg'rs have their own vision, cost 
> targets, and business models they are following (understandably).
> Thoughts?
> Paul
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> On Feb 2, 2011, at 3:16 AM, "Christine Perey" <cperey at perey.com 
> <mailto:cperey at perey.com>> wrote:
>> Hi Yohan,
>> My guess is that the design of any video-into-phone interface will 
>> also depend on what manufacturers of eyewear decide to do as far as 
>> video processing before sending.
>> If the video is not pre-processed on the eyewear, then it probably 
>> needs to be sent/processed (by a graphics chip on the device?) first.
>> In this case, the video connector would not be to the ARM, would it?
>> For the wireless option (WHDI or WiDi), the eyewear and the handset 
>> would need (new and probably expensive) hardware as well.
>> It is valuable to have their input so anyone can invite others to 
>> join the mailing list. Yes, there are already manufacturers and 
>> network operators on this list. If/when they are ready, I guess they 
>> will contribute!
>> Thanks!
>> Christine
>> On 2/2/11 5:02 AM, Admin at simulation3d.biz 
>> <mailto:Admin at simulation3d.biz> wrote:
>>> To my knowledge there is no phone that takes analog video in, however the ARM chip in all phone can probably input it, it is up to the manufacturer to connect the pin to a connector outside AND to not restrict its use.
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